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One of the most underestimated items in your makeup bag just might be your mascara. It can easily take your look from shy to sexy in the blink of an eye. If you’re like us, you keep a good mascara in your face kit, but it might be time for a new one because that old tube is dried out. Before you trek to Sephora, here’s 5 beauty brands owned by Black women who specialize in the mascara lane for you to spend your coins on.

FENTY ($24)

By now, you’re well aware that our good GOOD sister Rihanna launched a cosmetic line in September of 2017. The launch, which boasted 40 foundation shades, has since grown to 50 foundations and expanded to now include mascara. Fenty’s new Full Frontal Volume Lift & Curl Mascara will not only lift and separate your own natural curls but it can add an extra coating to your false lash as well. The only color that they offer this new mascara offers? It’s called “Cuz I’m Black” and it’s described on Fenty’s website as being “true black.” A mascara that’s black and proud? Damn it, we love you Rih.

Beauty Bakerie ($18)

When Founder Cashmere Nicole created this culinary themed brand of beauty, she notably put just as much thought into the product as she did it’s packaging. Her “Eyelash Icing”, is waterproof and volumizing. The name of the product is fitting as the mascara is cleverly packaged to look like a tube of icing that you’d squeeze. So fun! Dont worry though! The smudge proof formula offers your standard mascara wand for lengthening and darkening your lashes.

Black Opal ($8.95)

There’s not a single black girl in the world who’s not owned black opal products at some point or another, and for good reason! This brand was created in 1994 by Jamaican chemist Niko Mouyiaris who later sold the company in 2019. It’s still black owned though! So buy in confidence. From their legendary Cream Stick foundations to their buttery powders, this cosmetic line may be drug store found, but it’s rich in texture and quality. At roughly $9, Black Opal doesn’t disappoint with their ColorSplurge Super Volumizing Mascara.

Pat McGrath Labs ($30)

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, then you better get on Al Gore’s internet and figure it out! Simply put, Pat Mcgrath is and has always been KING when it comes to contour fashion’s runway makeup. There isn’t a single iconic model who hasn’t called on her talents. In the 90’s Alexander McQueen and John Galiano would call on her creative makeup application in the heyday of runway because the show wasn’t complete without her touch. She is an icon in both beauty and fashion and few would argue that she is quite possibly the greatest makeup artist to every live….yes. A black girl from London is the greatest makeup artist to ever breath and has been since the 90’s. It was she who crafted the legendary DIOR SHOW mascara for the Dior fashion house and so it is no surprise that her own line of couture products does not disappoint. Her “FetishEyes” Mascara is priced at $30, but this is Pat Mcgrath we’re talking about here! The best of the BEST is what she offers.

The Lip Bar ($13)

Melissa Butler started making lipsticks in her kitchen in 2012. To date, she is one of few black owned makeup brands that offers a full line of cosmetics including an incredible mascara that you would love as much as her rich lipsticks. Her “Lash Flash Strengthening Mascara” is infused with all kinds of goodness that will help promote stronger lashes overtime. Even better, she offers bundles where you can purchase her mascara, a lipgloss and an eyeliner. A perfect combo!

We cant wait for you to try out your new favorite black owned brand and mascara! Have you already tried these? Comment below and tell us your fave!


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