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Grow Your Marriage with Friendship | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Grow Your Marriage with Friendship

This is the time of year when many people get married. So I want to get some tips for my book, Make Love, make money, make it last that I worte with my bride, Dee. We’ve been married going on almost 40 years, and I’ve not had an argument in almost 35 years.

Today I want to share the first secret friends first.  We have found that the best marriages happen when you are married to your best friend. See, we know that people get married for all such a reason. Like someone look good or they drove a fancy car. But the best marriages happen when you really like the person that you’re married to that you two are best friends. So today’s tip is friends first work on your friendship and your marriage will grow.  


Go get a free chapter from the book at and if you wanna give a great marriage gift to a newly married couple, I recommend you give them the gift that will help them stay married.