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During this time, we are consistently being updated with news about the coronavirus.  It is important to stay educated and prepared for what may happen during this time.  This morning Dr. Jen Caudle shared some ways we should be protecting ourselves and our families.

1. If you’re not sick, don’t wear a mask.

Surgical masks are being bought in large masses in hopes to not contract the virus but in reality, only sick people should wear them.  Patients who have contracted coronavirus and those who are already ill need them to prevent spreading.  If you’re buying and wearing masks without being sick, you’re actually making masks scarce for those who need them to protect others from exposure.

2. Practice extra hygiene.

It’s imperative to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  You should also carry hand sanitizer with you at all times.  If you do cough or sneeze, be sure to do it inside of your sleeve or inside of your elbow versus into the air. It is advised to not touch your face, eyes, or mouth regularly.

3. Have an action plan for your family.

With school closures and jobs working from home, you should have an action plan for you and your family.  Make a plan in case you have to handle things from inside the house.  Create a space to work from home, a plan for child care, or taking care of an ill family member.  Be sure to be knowledgeable about working from home policies and stocking your home with necessities to survive like food and water.

4. Create a social distancing.

Social distancing is one of the biggest strategies to prevent coronavirus.  Social Distancing is defined as reducing close contact between people.  It looks like avoiding outings, not shaking hands or giving hugs, and staying at least six feet away from others.  Social gatherings where large groups of people hang out should be avoided until further notice.

5. Stay home if you’re sick.

If you have coronavirus or are chronically ill, it is advised that you stay home.  If you suspect you may have contracted the virus, call your doctor before showing up to the office. Share your symptoms over the phone and then take your doctor’s advice.  If you’re already sick, stay home to avoid coming in contact with others.  Be sure to stock up on your regular medications as soon as possible to avoid leaving the house or running out.

Dr. Jen Caudle stated she will continue updates on how to stay safe via her Instagram and Facebook.

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