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It’s clear the year hasn’t started as the best, but growing up all I ever heard was “it’s people out there going through worse things than you.”

I was never shown that people had it bad until I got older. Just recently I was telling someone of my experience of traveling to Atlanta, GA as an adult versus a kid. As a kid, I was sheltered and shown the beautiful parts of the city. As an adult, I got the chance to explore and came across a street that was covered with tents. In my head, it went down several miles, it may have been a few blocks.

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These tents had people living in them. At the time I was living in my grandmother’s, sharing a room with my daughter. At that moment right there,  I knew things could be worse. The idea of living with a roof over my head, running water, and food become so much more amazing.

Today in the times of an unknowing pandemic, where we have to practice a new normal way of living because of the risk of catching COVID-19, the numbers of those infected and dying aren’t adding up, and having to continue our day to day as normal as possible while more people are laid-off can feel overwhelming.

In these situations, it’s easier said than done, but we have to pray for better days because there are people going through something worse.


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