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“A Worshipper’s Heart” is not only the name to Todd Dulaney‘s new live-recorded sophomore album, but the title to his testimony, too. He’s probably asked a million times why he gave up a promising professional baseball career to sing, but a million times over, he’ll tell you purpose is real.

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“When you’re running from God or you feel like God has a calling on your life, life is not going to be comfortable until you do it,” he said about his transition from athlete to worshipper. “If I had to do whatever I had to do to live in my purpose, I was willing to do that.”

This idea is reflected in A Worshipper’s Heart, where Dulaney’s cry out to God parallels a pattern of freedom and total praise from tracks like “Free Worshipper” and “Higher” to “Victory Belongs to Jesus” and his leading single, “The Anthem.”

In the video up top, he talks with the award-winning radio vet Cheryl Jackson about following his calling and offers wisdom on the importance of going after what makes you “free.” Press play…

A Worshipper’s Heart by Todd Dulaney is available now in stores and everywhere music is sold digitally. Click here to download.

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