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Seventy-five percent of Black women say they are more motivated to vote now than they have ever been according to a newly released study by Higher Heights For America, a national organization committed to building the political power of Black women. 

The Higher Heights Leadership Fund commissioned Change Research polled 506 likely Black women voters between September 4 – October 4, 2020.

While the number proves that Black women continue to hold the duty of civic engagement and the Democratic process in the highest regard, 25 percent of voters polled say that while they plan on submitting a ballot on November, they are growing hopeless that it won’t bring the change they wish to see.

Pollsters also dived into the response differences between women over the age of 50 and women under 50. Approximately 65 percent of voters under 50 say they are more motivated than ever, while 35 percent say they are growing hopeless. When it came to voters under 50, approximately 86 percent say they are more motivated than ever, and only 14 percent say they are growing hopeless that voting won’t bring the change they are hoping for.

But the most striking part of the poll was the response to the question asking which demographic group could make the biggest difference to the outcome of the upcoming election. 64 percent chose Black women, signaling that Black women who intend to vote are well aware of their political importance and power.

The three top emerging issues from polled voters include the results of the 2020 election, a sound resolution to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and an undoubted need for racial justice in America.

When asked the open-ended question, “What is the one main issue that keeps you up at night,” voters overwhelmingly referenced racism, as well as citing fear of physical harm and police brutality.

Some of the answers stated: “Not sure if a police officer will break in my house and shoot me like Breonna Taylor or be killed like George Floyd and many more,” “Feeling safe in my black skin in this country,” and “Worrying about my Black son in this racist society.”

To see the full results of the poll visit Higher Heights For America to read the full results.


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