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Today’s Ericaism is a powerful one. Some of us are at an age where we fully trust and understand God’s love and promise. However, for some, we wish that trust would have come a lot earlier. But the destination is amazing. Listen to Erica’s Ericaism below:


Erica Campbell: Big statement. You know a lot of people say it. I don’t know if they really believe it. I don’t know if they really stay in that space if God and what he has is enough. If you don’t know God, if you don’t have a strong relationship, if you don’t have strong faith, then you’re not really sure what he’ll do. So you can’t be satisfied with what you don’t know.

And what I realized is, I wish I had more of that when I was younger. I got a big birthday, this coming Friday. It’s birthday season in my family, it’s you know, a bunch of birthdays. And I wish that I could really impart and really instill into the younger ones, that learning to trust and be satisfied with what God has, even when you’re not sure what it is, is the best way to go, man. I’m telling you, you avoid so many wrong mistakes. You avoid so many wrong turns in life when you trust God’s plan, right? When you know that he has a great plan for your life. When you know that he sees where you are, knows what you’re capable of, knows what you’re not capable of. Pushes you when you should be pushed, but also holds you back when it’s necessary. You know, to keep you from danger. When you really trust God, you can be satisfied with him. And if we’re honest, I know a lot of people in churches are not really satisfied they are just there because they’re scary. They are scared to move forward, scared to move back. Scared to really do what God’s called them to do scared to play on a devil’s territory, you just stuck. They call that stagnation, stuck in one spot. Can’t dream. No nightmares, you just blah. Man, learn to trust God. Once you trust Him, you become satisfied with him. Once you trust Him, you get to a place of joy and faith, and expectation. Because you believe from your nose to your toes.

God is going to do what he said. But if you don’t know what he said, You don’t know what he’ll do. We always say perfect love casts out fear. And we talk about that in a relationship. Well, I’ve heard people talk about body and relationships. But it’s the same with your relationship with Christ. When you really love God and you really know him. It’s hard for the enemy to put that fear in you. Where you get so devastated. You don’t know how I don’t know what I’m, I’m not sure. You know, things you go through. It’s all based on the unknown. It’s all based on not trusting God. Right. And I don’t mean that to offend anybody, y’all know I love y’all. But I want us to stretch ourselves and learn to trust God, but to dream big at the same time, right? There are certain things that come with being young, certain things that I can’t change, about when I was 32, or even 42 things that I can’t change. And now at this phase in my life, I don’t know that I would because I wouldn’t be here and be this confident in God and his ability to make my life turn out how he planned it. Yeah, I had a plan. But I think his (plan) is way better than mine. And he’s doing great things in my life, things that I have never imagined.

Maybe I dreamed about it. You know, like the Super Bowl or big moments like, you know, going viral on a song that came out 20 years ago, I just found out that “Shackles” was back at number one on Triller, which is amazing. That’s trusting God that’s not over strategizing and overthinking. And you know what I mean? Or where I am in my marriage where my kids are us just getting a church. Y’all I grew up in a church where we never had a physical building. They literally teased us and called us the children of Israel, because we moved around all of LA. But then God blesses me and my husband with a church. Learning to be satisfied and trusting God is everything. I pray you trust him. I pray you rested him. I pray you are satisfied with Jesus.