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The emotional bomb in this episode, though, is when Davis tells Charley about his 13-year-old daughter, Tia. Kinda 13 years too late, dontcha think? He’s moving back to L.A. to take care of her because her mother has passed. Charley, as you can imagine, probably couldn’t give a damn if Davis moves, but the revelation of a daughter she didn’t know about is devastating. Davis says he can make amends. Dude. Charley throws him out, probably a good move before she ended up on the news (again).

Nova and Remy (Dondre Whitfield) go fishing and exchange a kiss. It feels only right that the show’s two most self-righteous characters end up together. Some were saying that Remy is Charley’s ex, but not technically. Remember they never had sex and while they were sweet on each other, no commitment was ever made. I still don’t think Charley will take it well.


Ralph Angel decides to let the ex-con he hired stay in the crib. He feels for the guy because he’s trying to stay out of trouble and the places he’s been staying won’t help with that. But COME ON RA! Who’s your first priority? Blue. Giving an ex-con a job is one thing, but staying in your house? No bueno.

Aunt Vi is struggling with lupus and changing medications. Hollywood has her back, but her healthy food choices are driving him crazy. He’s trying though, bringing by some cauliflower mac and cheese after he and Blue sneak in some burgers. Where does this man exist in real life?

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