Get Up!

In today’s edition of the Faith Walk, Erica Campbell talks about growing up in a house full of sarcasm, and how that became an integral part of how she communicates with people and receives sarcasm, criticism and even insults from people. One day, she had the idea to look up what it says about sarcasm […]

Erica Campbell discusses our tendency to trust our doubt more than our faith in this edition of the Faith Talk. Often, we find enough faith to distrust our abilities, but not enough faith to trust our faith! Erica encourages us to believe in our faith and our abilities, and know that God will make things […]

In today’s edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF draws on the inspiration of “WWJD,” as in “What would Jesus do?” He recognizes that, since it’s Friday, a lot of people have probably been similarly thinking all week- “watch when my money come,” in anticipation of getting paid. He says a prayer for all those people who […]

Erica Campbell and GRIFF really enjoy doing the Get Up Call every morning and surprising listeners with a perky wake-up from Erica! But so often, at some point during the process of adding the third caller into the mix, technical difficulties ensue and put a damper on the excitement! For that reason, Erica & GRIFF […]

Instead of doing a Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell decided to talk to listeners who are in need of prayer, and to do just that- pray for them. She releases love, peace and joy over some people who call looking to feel a powerful closeness with God, who feel they need a little extra help […]

In this heartfelt edition of Love Talk, Erica Campbell opens up about her brother, who hasn’t always been a man of faith and has dealt with his share of trouble, different from that of the rest of his siblings. She explains that now, after having been through everything he’s been through, he pours love over […]

In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about contemplating the answer to a question often posed to her; “how do you do it all?” As a mother and working woman who travels a lot, Erica’s plate is often pretty full. Still, she says she doesn’t let herself get distracted. Erica shares her tips […]

In this edition of Love Talk, Erica Campbell talks about being touched by Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination to be president at the DNC, especially as an ambitious mother. She opens up about missing her children while she’s working, and her desire to not only love and support her children, but to instill […]

Summer fashion is always exciting as we approach the scene fresh out of the dead of winter. But every year when we quickly plunge into the relentless heat, styling for optimal comfort and flyness can get a little tricky. But luckily, we have Goo Goo, fashion stylist extraordinaire, to give us some helpful tips on staying […]

Flex & Shanice Washington chatted with Erica Campbell and GRIFF about their popular show, “Flex & Shanice,” which comes on OWN Saturdays at 9pm.They talked about what it’s like living with the whole family, not just their kids, and sharing their trials with fans. They also opened up about the experience they are having doing reality […]

In this edition of Erica Campbell & GRIFF‘s True Hollywood Bible Stories, we take a look at Genesis 5:27. This is the story of Methuselah, who lived 969 years, bore many children, who bore him many grandchildren, and so on and so forth. Click on the audio player to hear Erica & GRIFF tell this […]

In this edition of the Faith Walk, Erica Campbell discusses being responsible and accountable with our faith. It’s easy to feel like once you’ve submitted yourself to God, everything should immediately be all peachy. But that’s not how goes; giving your heart to Jesus is just the beginning. There is no automatic button- you’ve got […]