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Random, but Luciano Pavarotti once said that “one of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” IFKYK. Eating, in general, is a necessity to life, but for foodies it’s an experience.

Foodie / ˈfo͞odē / a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

The foodie culture is real. Foodies plan travel around meals, are hip to the best old and new restaurants, they’re down to try new things, and their taste buds span an extensive way. They’re passionate about the details of what they consume, whether they’re cooking it up themselves or researching who did and why.

We all know somebody like this. You may even be a foodie yourself. Whatever your position, I’m sure you’ll find the following gift guide for foodies useful as you prep for the holiday season and beyond. Thank me later!

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1. Orleans Foods Beignet Mix


Who couldn’t use a taste of New Orleans right now? While we’re stuck in the house during the coronavirus pandemic, Orleans Foods Authentic Beignet Mix is an escape from reality. Best part? It only takes three steps to make! Gospel singer Micah Stampley and his wife Heidi — both of whom come from from a food-loving family of Creole descent — founded Orleans Foods and are the owners of two Creole cafés in New Orleans. There, their beignet recipe is a hit, and now it’s available nationwide with shipping to your home.

2. Simplehuman’s Hands-Free Sensor Soap Pumps


Now more than ever, clean hands are not an option (re: coronavirus). Simplehuman’s Hand-Free Sensor Soap Pumps are a relief. Gone are the days where you have to touch the surface of your soap dispenser. This product does all the work and is not only convenient for thoroughly washing away environmental germs, but it comes in handy after handling meat and other foods that spread contamination. 

3. Mount Gay Rum Port Cask


Mount Gay is the world’s oldest running rum distillery dating back to 1703 and it makes a tasty, historic gift. This year the company release a limited-edition Master Blender Collection: The Port Cask Expression. It incorporates a blend of Mount Gay’s signature rum along with cherry, dried fruit, oak, prune and almond flavors. The Barbados-based rum is bottled at casket strength and is packaged to perfection. 

4. FinaMill


Foodies will get a kick out of this one. FinaMill makes it easy to make your own spices! It’s the only battery-operated spice grinder that uses interchangeable, refillable spice pods, and its single-handed design makes it more sanitary. The way it’s set up, you can sprinkle your freshly-grounded herbs directly onto your food. The FinaMill comes in black, white and red. Learn more here.

5. Holiday Pretzel Crisps


Holiday Pretzel Crisps® make a nice, surprise mailer gift or stocking stuffer. The thin and crispy chocolate-covered pretzels come in two flavors (dark chocolate/peppermint & white chocolate/peppermint) and are priced under $4!

6. Craft Beer Caramels

Save for for dessert! Hilliards Chocolates has released a dark chocolate treat filled with caramel that’s infused with Shovel Town Brewery Double IPA Beer. The award-winning candy is topped with Langwater Farm hops and crushed pretzel sea salt. The sweet and salty treat won “Best New Piece” in 2019 at the Retail Confectioners International Conference. Craft Beer Caramels come packaged in a 12-piece box with gift-wrapping options. 

7. Nellie’s Free Range Eggnog

What are winter holidays without egg nog (or coquito, haha)? Nellie’s Limited Edition Free Range Eggnog is here and it’s a must-have. Just think of all the things you could pair with it…