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Vice Media Announces Its Cutting 10 Percent Of Workforce

Source: Mario Tama / Getty

Vice Media, known for producing and distributing mass amounts of content across various platforms, including online, print, and television has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Vice gained popularity for its edgy and alternative approach to journalism, covering a wide range of topics such as music, art, politics, technology, and youth culture. The company’s content often appeals to younger audiences (millennials and Gen Z) and tackles taboo and controversial subjects.

At first, Vice started as a magazine, but it has since expanded into other forms of media. In 2016, Vice launched its “Viceland” television network and in addition to that, they managed to gain huge popularity via their Youtube channel, website, and social media. Throughout its existence, Vice has received both criticism and praise. They have been praised for their unique storytelling style and for covering issues often overlooked by traditional media. However, they have faced criticism for promoting a culture of excess and indulgence, in addition to their conflicting views on certain topics.

The bankruptcy will not interrupt Vice’s daily operations. Fortress Investment Group and Soros Fund Management are Vice’s lenders who is in the leading position to acquire the company and save it from bankruptcy. A bid of $225 million dollars has been submitted by the group and if acquired, they will handle all “significant liabilities”. The company was rumored to be worth $5.7 billion at one point in time.

After hearing the news, we decided to create a list of some of our favorite Vice moments/videos. Vice never let us down with their impactful storytelling and amazing journalism skills.

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