Prosecutors dropped the charges against Juanisha Brooks, a Defense Department employee who who was forcibly removed from her car during a March 6 traffic stop in Alexandria, Virginia.

Diamonds Ford is fighting to clear her name after she was charged for shooting a police officer she suspected to be an intruder while serving a warrant at her home in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ex-cop Aaron York Dean has been charged with murder in the shooting of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson in her home.


Here we are centuries after slavery and White men are still using the labor of Black women to their benefit. He described Black women as being “less selfish” and “having his best interest” at heart. This White man didn’t tell any lies. But his truths are still hurtful.


Kalisa Villafana recently became the first Black woman to earn a doctorate in nuclear physics at Florida State University.

As the 12th person to fill the role, Walrond will start her lead on June 3 as the first woman in the seminary’s 119-year history. 


Canada’s new $10 bill featuring Black Civil Rights activist Viola Desmond has gone into circulation.

Wouldn't the world would be so much better if folks just listened to us?