The Motivational Moment during Sunday Joy with Ronnette Rollins encourages the listener to get motivated for whatever they may face during the week. In this Motivational Moment, Reverend Ron Harrison reminds us that  Jesus Understands the Human Experience.

The show has received international backlash with a petition signed by over 2 million people who still demand it be removed.

Brooklyn-based brand MSHF is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, “walking on water.”

Kanye West and his pop-up series of Sunday performances “Sunday Service” made their way to Atlanta over the weekend, drawing members and celebrity guests to Pastor Jamal H. Bryant‘s megachurch in Stonecrest. West’s flavor of gospel performance have been geared towards providing twists to R&B favorites to make them more gospel-centered. An example? He and his […]

In addition to being a great father and a musician who inspires people, Chance the Rapper's philanthropical efforts in the city of Chicago has changed lives for the better. 

In Luke 24, it is said that Jesus approached two disciples who were walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus and walked with them.

Everyone is hoping that the painting shows up again.

She mentioned though that sometimes we wait for his promises, but aren't doing the work to get closer to them.

GRIFF knows he's not perfect and has come a long way.

Joel Osteen mentioned that this 4-part series will tell the story about Jesus from his birth to everything that happened after.

Umut recalls him saying, "Jesus Christ is the risen Lord. He wants to have a personal relationship with you."