Before Erica Campbell's brand new single "Positive" becomes available everywhere beginning this Friday (March 18), the award-winning vocalist decided to bless the 'Get Up!' church and fans of gospel music in general with an early treat in the form of the song's official music video.

"Introducing" is our way of putting you on to the next great acts in gospel music, and this week we're delighted to get up with talented singer Randy Weston of the extremely gifted collective Judah Band.

Erica and GRIFF were delighted to have three of the singing siblings of Shelby 5, Amber, Drea and Don, as guests on the show today to share with the Get Up! church some of the group's early inspirations, making gospel look fresh on social media and collaborating with Lecrae on their bumping new single, "BOOM."

For this reason and many others, it brings us nothing but joy that he'll soon be releasing new music in the form of his uplifting single titled "One Touch."