One 7-Eleven owner wasn’t in a rush to get cops involved when confronted with a theft in his store.

According to the Christian Post, Murphy along with his wife, Ann Marie have surrendered to authorities.

David and Connie Reiter are being charged after the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office says the two used $1.2 million from the church to go on vacations and to sporting events.

In this edition of the Joy Living, Erica Campbell simply reminds us not to let anyone steal our joy. She says, if little things like posts on social media can steal your joy, then you didn’t have enough it to begin with. Still, even when its a bigger deal, like when you’re shopping around your […]

In this edition of Joy Living, Erica Campbell discusses the fact that there are too many joy stealers out there in the world. She reminds us that world didn’t give us our joy in the first place, so why should we let it take it away from us? We shouldn’t! Hold on to your happy- and […]