After seven years, actress Racquel Bailey has finally received what she’s been praying for: a role in a Tyler Perry production.

A conference call with Disney execs on August 6 revealed that the company would be remaking the Christmas classic movie, Home Alone, for its new streaming service, Disney+.

We all watch television and get really excited when we see one of our favorite celebrities on the screen. Several gospel artists have landed roles on different television shows including “Greenleaf,” “Sister, Sister” and more. Check out this list!


A Texas sheriff’s deputy — who is known for appearing as a bailiff on a televised courtroom show — has been charged with murder after he allegedly shot his wife twice inside their home.

The worst thing about getting hooked on a television show is that you never know when it’s going to end forever.


For many of us, TV time is how we relax, decompress or entertain ourselves–but that zone out time can be easily disrupted when your significant other wants to take over the remote.


There is no “Living Single” without all the cast members.

ABC is reviving the hit show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” And according to AOL, Tiffany Haddish is set to host.


The popular talk show host wants for everyone to know that there are still more chapters for him to write.

ABC is gearing up for another black-ish spin-off.

Snoop Dogg is putting his acting chops to work and will appear on an upcoming episode of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.’