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The View hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar have battled it out multiple times as they sit perched on the stools around a roundtable on the popular daytime talk show.

Whoopi Goldberg is back on "The View," back to being her feisty, opinionated self, breaking up verbal disagreements between her co-hosts and making things interesting on the daytime talk show.

All of the women greeted her with open arms and surrounded her as she sat down to tell her journey of survival over the past four weeks.


The former "Apprentice" star dodged questions relating to controversies surrounding Trump's presidency.

Erica Campbell is glowing with pride today, as she talks about the newest thing her talent husband Warryn Campbell‘s magic producer hands have touched: the theme song of “The View!” For the show’s twentieth season, they wanted a new sound to start the long-running popular daytime talk show, so they called Warryn for the job. […]