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It’s time for the True Hollywood Bible Story! Jesus was sitting by himself when Satan wanted to have a conversation with him. Satan asked Jesus did he want anything to eat and when Jesus mentioned that he was fasting he judged him. Then Satan tried to entice him with food, but Jesus decided to tell him a Bible verse.

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Satan and Jesus walked to look down at the Holy City. He told Jesus that he should jump off the mountain to see if his angels will grab him to carry him down. Jesus told him he was lame for him to bet him to do it because he wasn’t going to.

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Then they went higher up the mountain. Satan began to talk like Mufasa from the “Lion King” and they even played the music. Jesus told him the movie didn’t come out yet and that his father made all of this land. He also told Satan to not test him and that he needed to stop trying to be God. Satan decided to move on and began to yell to get Judas to follow behind him.

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