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Malia Obama is in her sophomore year at Harvard University and seems to be enjoying it. We’ve seen her walk around campus with her alleged boo, go to concerts and now she’s making appearances in music videos. According to TMZ, Malia can be found in a video for a band called New Dakotas.

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The band members feature different people showing off their dancing and musical talent in different shots of the video for their song, “Walking on Air.” New Dakotas is made up of 4 member and all of them attend Harvard. Malia can be found during the 1:41 mark as well as at 2:01 dancing and playing the harmonica.

All the guys in the video are seniors set to graduate this year. Malia wants to work in the television and film industry. She interned as a production assistant for Harvey Weinstein’s company years ago. From the looks of the video she has some moves like her parents! Let us know what you think of the music video.


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