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Don’t Miss The Present Moments | Ericaism

griff's prayer

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Probably one of the most frequent questions I get is how do you balance and when do you rest? And I always tell people I wear a lot of hats, but I don’t wear them all on the same day at the same time because I would look crazy. So I take moments as they come and I try my best not to get to a get to a place where I’m worrying about six months from now. I can plan for it and then I let it sit and I say, OK. God, you do the rest and I’ll focus on today. 

Because if I lose my mind over tomorrow or yesterday, I miss my present moments and far too many times we missed the present moment because we’re worried about what was and what will be. First of all, I can never change what was, and I can’t go ahead of myself and make provision for what will be but what I can prepare is me. So my constant prayer is Lord, prepare me for what you have prepared for me. If his scripture and his word says for I know the thoughts I think towards you, right plans to prosper you to give you a hope and a future. Then I want to be prepared for that hope and that future. So what is my hope in right? If my hope is in Jesus Christ, then my hope shouldn’t be in, well, you know, it didn’t happen for this person, and it didn’t happen. That person and this one let me down and that will let me down. That means my hope is in what failed. My faith is not in who I believe in and who I trust in.  

So we’ve got to make sure that we put our faith in Jesus Christ while we are chilling and doing all the things that we’re doing, right? I can’t worry about six years from now. I can’t. I can think about it. I can say, Lord, it’s in your hands. I can pray over my daughter who’s in college. I can pray over my 11 year old who’s in the 6th grade or my 13 year old or the church or the music or this radio station. But I can’t fix it. I can you to be the best version of myself and as I surrender to God’s plan. Whether it takes me to the mountain or the valley, he’s always with me, right? So I and this is another little thing about me. I don’t take too much personally. When I fail, I don’t make it all about me. When I succeed, I don’t make it all about me. I fail because I’m nothing, and no one loves me. And if I was more like so and so, then I would win.  

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But when I win, I don’t. I don’t take all the glory then either. Ohh that. See, I got here because I’m so great. And I’m so great in my plan and my strategy. I know that God opened the door at the right time. He assigned me to the right season and the right people I had what they needed in that time, right. And then I know it’ll be someone else’s time. So when you put God at the center it keeps it gives you a little more peace in your life, right? 

So what do we take away from this Ericaism? Don’t worry about the past. You can’t change it. And and you can’t fly to the future and fix it. So be in this moment, be the best you today, right? You know whether you are, you know, trying to lose weight or trying to gain weight, be the best you today. Oh, I wish it was so & so. Celebrate that today! 

You know if you’re trying to lose 45 pounds, but you only lost four. You better celebrate that 4! I put the music out. I’ve been to some cities and and I’m anticipating other cities and some cities were already good, but I’m worrying about Indy right now because that’s where I am and y’all showed up for me last night, and I’m grateful for that. And I’m excited about what’s to come. I’m excited about Nashville and Baton Rouge and all these other places that I’m going, I’m excited about them. But I’m here right now. So today I’ll celebrate here. I won’t stress about tomorrow because I can’t change it. No way.