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Jackie Hill Perry went from doing local comedy to national and now she’s married with two kids! Willie says he feels like he has seen her grow up before his eyes.

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Hill was also once a lesbian, but after an encounter with God she was able to transition from that lifestyle. Hill says for a long time she though “God had beef,” with her because of who she was attracted to. But, she realized that all God cares about is if you love him more than anything,” and if you do you can fight that temptation.

Hill says it’ll be a life long struggle, but “the holy spirit really is more powerful than all of our temptations!” She says, “yeah she’s bad, but I love God more.”

She hopes that her story can help and inspire others that may be struggling. To those who feel like they can’t change she says, “if Jesus rose from the grave there is nothing we can’t do,” when it comes to “victory over sin.”


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