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Faith Walking with Special Guest Real Talk Kim

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I am real talk Kim in for Erica today and it’s time for the Faith Walk. You know, as I was thinking today coming to the studio, I was reminded of the scripture, Roman 7:19. It says I want to do good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do wrong, but I do anyway and I was just reminded man of how we will walk through life and allow a season in our life to define our lifetime. And when we do this, chaos begins to stick. We begin to give CPR to dead situations we feel stuck like Chuck, we feel like we’re in quicksand. 


We walk around saying, man, I can’t get up. I’m stuck. God’s forgotten about me. But baby, I want to tell you today you ain’t stuck cause you ain’t a tree. So today here’s what I want you to do, y’all. I want you to decide I ain’t staying here. I’m getting up. I’m gonna define what keeps taking me back to this place. Then I’m gonna detox all the craziness that I have been entertaining. Then I’m gonna delete it. I’m gonna move some people from my VIP section of life, move them to the balcony and say watch me from a distance. I love you, but I love you from up there because we in the fourth quarter, baby and it’s personal. You hear me?  


It is personal and I want to go further and walk into 2024 man as a game changer. I ain’t let nobody steal my peace. I’m gonna pull them into my peace. You hear me? Discipline. Here I come. Y’all, listen, you are in control of your life. Ain’t nobody controlling you, Jeremiah 2911 says for it know the plans that I have for you, sayeth the Lord. Plans to bless you and give you hope and a future today. Listen to me, friend. You are not stuck, even if it feels like a turtle stuck in peanut butter. Move your big ole thick thigh and let’s go! Let’s go. Let’s go.