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What Are The Best Black Dating Apps?

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In this day and age, convenience is key to living a happy life. Most millennials have been spoiled by the easiness of being able to get what they want at the drop of a dime. Take text messaging for example.

Back in the day, if you call someone and they don’t pick up, your mind didn’t automatically go to “I’ve been ignored.” But with texting, you can even see when someone read your message and intentionally didn’t reply. So the frustration of not getting a response when you want it causes all kinds of feelings of anxiety and unworthiness.

Granted, investing too much of your energy and self worth into theses digital gadgets can be bad for your mental health. But let’s face it — cell phones aren’t going anywhere, so we might as well adapt to having them in our lives. Use them as a tool to help you live a fuller, easier life.

Thank God for apps. The term “App” was the word of the year in 2010, but back then, folks only associated the word with social media and games. But not anymore.

These days, there’s an application for everything from finding your soulmate to doing your taxes. One Twitter user wrote, “Best quote I’ve heard from a millennial @ the office ‘It’s easy to figure out if your pregnant’ How so? ‘I’ve got an App for that.’”

In honor of National App Day, check out these Apps that are guaranteed to make life easier.

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