Aderrien Murry, an 11-year-old Mississippi boy came inches from losing his life after he was shot in the chest by a Mississippi cop.

Kim Potter, the ex-Minnesota police officer who killed Daunte Wright after allegedly confusing her gun for a Taser, was released from prison before fully serving her already lenient sentence.

Brian Michael Gaherty of Houston has been arrested and charged for sending racist threats to Rep. Maxine Waters and other congresswomen.

Georgia NAACP chapters are calling on the GBI to investigate Mark Taylor for the racist coach making terroristic threats on videos. The post Georgia NAACP Branches Call On GBI To Investigate Racist Coach Mark Taylor For Making Teroristic Threats appeared first on NewsOne.

So, Trump calls Alvin Bragg racist, and now racists are coming out of water Klan-holes to threaten to lynch a Black officer of the court. The post Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Says He’s Received ‘More Than 1,000’ Racist Death Threats From Trump Supporters appeared first on NewsOne.

According to the report, Clarence Thomas has, for decades, accepted free luxury vacations from Harlan Crow, the Republican billionaire. The post Investigative Report Accuses Clarence Thomas Of Illegally Accepting Luxury Gifts From Billionaire GOP Donor appeared first on NewsOne.

People hungry for the optics of Trump in handcuffs may not get their wishes, a former prosecutor predicted. But he'll still be booked with a mug shot and fingerprints if arrested. The post Trump’s Expected Arrest: ‘Mug Shot, Fingerprints,’ But Perp Walk Unlikely, Ex-DA Predicts appeared first on NewsOne.

Sophia Rosing, also known as the University of Kentucky "Karen" shown on video in a racist, violent attack against a Black student, had the audacity to plead not guilty to the documented assault. The post University Of Kentucky ‘Karen’ Pleads Not Guilty To Racist Attack On Black Student Despite Video Evidence appeared first on NewsOne.

The murder weapon used in the killings has yet to be recovered, according to authorities.


A shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Tuesday (November 22nd) left six people dead. The unnamed shooter is dead.

The FBI has launched an investigation into the mysterious death of Shanquella Robinson who died while vacationing in Mexico.