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Ron Poindexter Premieres His New Song ‘Overflow’ and Talks About What’s Next For Him

Ron Poindexter interview graphic for GUMEC

Source: R1 Digital / Radio One

So excited today here. Get up. Mornings joining us is a singing powerhouse. It’s Ron Poindexter. Welcome to the Get Up church, Sir. Excited to have you. So listen, we’re about to play this new song. Introduce your new single for us. It’s called ‘Overflow’, right?  



This is my brand new single call ‘Overflow’. I need you to turn it up in your cars. If you got little tambourine, you know if you have to have some tambourine shoes don’t play with those. If you got a little washboard. But this is your new affimation song. This is the song that it’s supposed to get you ready for your day before your next. You gotta believe they got to opening up a window and pulling you out a blessing and you won’t have room enough to receive it. What is it called? ‘Overflow’ turn it up! 

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Listen, I appreciate you for being with us today. Tell the people how we stay connected to you and what’s next 



Yes. So you can follow me on all social media @RyanPoindexter_ on Instagram, on Twitter. We working on my TikTok praise God. My website has been updated Facebook is just RyanPoindexter.  

My four album is coming out, I think in April of next year. It’s called ‘Moments’. I’m very, very excited about it, so ‘Overflow’ is the lead singer.