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For years, Derrick Williams (director), Ashley Christopher (producer/editor), Jasmin Sacarello Botero (producer) and Root Magazine founder Hasan James (executive producer) – all creators of a new gospel film coming soon – have been asking gospel artists and other Christian leaders alike about their thoughts on gospel music: “Ask 10 different people what gospel music is and you will get 10 different opinions,” they noted in an upcoming documentary celebrating the history of gospel music in America.

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The official premiere is expected this summer, but Root Magazine shared a look inside its indie filmed titled Rooted & Grounded: The Evolution of Gospel Music during a private screening at its 10th anniversary celebration during Stellar Awards week in Las Vegas. The story, which is told through interviews with and performance footage of some of gospel music’s most influential people, references occurrences dating back to slavery up until now.

They noted, “[the movie] is composed and performed for many purposes, ranging from aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes, or as entertainment for the marketplace. However, a common theme is praise and thanks to God.”

Press play up top as Jasmin Sacarello Botero discusses the evolution of gospel and the importance of the Rooted & Grounded: The Evolution of Gospel Music documentary.

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