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Trina Braxton is glowing, and it’s because she’s in love.

The 44-year-old Braxton sister recently announced her engagement to new man Von Scales, and she showed off her ring on social media.

The two met through mutual friends and hit it off, and now they’re set to walk down the aisle sometime soon. And while the engagement announcement is beautiful, the proposal was met with some controversy. As we shared with you last week, her baby sister wasn’t feeling it.

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Tamar was pretty irate about her recent birthday festivities. Her sisters, Trina included, put together a dinner for her (followed by a proposed hot air balloon excursion) and gifted her a a card and a pair of sunglasses. She was very underwhelmed by the celebration and made her feelings known about it on Instagram Live. To make matters worse, Von decided to pop the question to Trina during the birthday dinner. She put the proposal on IG Live and told those watching that it was the wrong time and place for the gesture.

Eventually, Tamar apologized for seeming unsupportive of Trina’s engagement and unappreciative of her sisters’ efforts.

When asked what she thought about Tamar’s reaction to the engagement, and if Von chose the wrong time to ask for her hand in marriage, Trina said that birthdays, God willing, come all of the time, but proposals are special.

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“We hadn’t really had a big conversation about it,” Trina said in a new chat with Essence about Tamar’s behavior. “But I think it was gracious of her to apologize and look at the bigger picture and the whole scope of things. But at the same token, I feel like it shouldn’t have happened anyway. At the end of the day, by the help of God, birthdays come every year. You only get proposed to one time, hopefully, and it’s a moment that you can’t get back. Von wanted to do it with all of my sisters together. And because we live in Atlanta and everybody else is sprinkled all over the place, he took this opportune moment when everybody was around, and proposed!”

For the record though, in Trina’s case, this proposal isn’t her first. We know that she was previously married twice (she has two sons from the first relationship), most recently to Gabe Solis, who was featured on early seasons of Braxton Family Values. They divorced in 2015. Sadly, Gabe passed away in December of cancer. Trina said that grieving while trying to build a relationship with Von was tough, but he was supportive, knowing that she and Gabe actually formed a good friendship after their divorce.

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“It was very difficult and it was definitely untimely. He was only 43,” she said. “A lot of people don’t know this — not that it’s their business anyway — but we were actually the best of friends and talked just about every day. We just made better friends than spouses. But it was a really difficult time, especially being in another relationship. Sometimes when you are close with your ex, [your current partner] doesn’t understand how you can still have a friendship…especially when they’ve seen the tough times via television. Von had his moments of support. For him it was difficult to watch his significant other grieve over their ex, but it was more than that because he was my friend and raised my children when their biological dad didn’t. At the end of the day, he couldn’t help but respect [Gabe] for that.”

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