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Secret Deodorant whole body deodorant X third Love event

Source: Secret / Third Love

Secret Deodorant joins forces with leading intimates brand ThirdLove for a collaboration that unites comfort and freshness, taking your confidence to the next level. The Secret Whole Body Deodorant addresses the smelly elephant in the room. According to research conducted by the brand, women have unspoken concerns about body odor, which results in multiple showers a day, frequent usage of body sprays or perfumes, and layering clothing.

Secret X ThirdLove empower women to feel fresh and comfortable with the Whole Body Deodorant

“Body odor outside of the armpits is normal and something many women notice at some point in their lives, but is not often discussed,” said Kate DiCarlo, Senior Communications Director, Personal Care Portfolio, Procter & Gamble. “The Secret Whole Body Deodorant collection is built on over 50 years of experience in formulating products especially designed for women. ThirdLove is a beloved brand founded on celebrating every woman with high quality intimate apparel, and together, we hope to normalize body odor conversations so all women feel comfortable and confident.”

Secret heard our prayers and created a deodorant that can be worn in every nook and cranny of your body. And by partnering with ThirdLove, they’re helping women prioritize comfort in their undergarments. Both brands celebrate all body types and the diversity of women’s various shapes and sizes, making this collaboration a no-brainer.

“Our styles are designed to help women look and feel their best, and Secret’s latest innovation is a natural fit for our mission,” said Heidi Zak, Co-Founder and CEO, ThirdLove. “We’re a brand that obsesses over the details. And Secret shares our vision of empowering women by designing products for their unique needs.”

Secret whole body Deodorant X third Love event

Source: Secret / Third Love

On Tuesday, February 6, the brands hosted a gathering to celebrate the Whole Body Deodorant launch, and they also offered custom bra fittings by the ThirdLove team. I learned my actual bra size during my fitting, which was a complete shocker to me. The expert then provided me with three of the brand’s bras to try on. Once I selected my preference, I went to the “bra-tender” to place my order, courtesy of ThirdLove.

Secret X third Love event

Source: Secret / Third Love

Secret’s Whole Body Deodorant is recommended by gynecologists and dermatologists because of it’s winning formula

Once brands became aware of the harmful ingredients used in deodorants, they returned to the drawing board to ensure the safety of their customers. Now, taking a more natural approach to hygienic care, the full-body deodorant is free of aluminum, baking soda, dyes, phthalates, and parabens. You can confidently depend on this product for 24/7 freshness with daily use.

Secret Deodorant

Source: Secret / Third Love

The collection includes:

●  Aluminum Free Whole Body Deodorant Stick: Ideal for use under the breasts or where thighs rub together. Made with shea butter and coconut oil, the stick glides on smooth and clear. Available in Peach & Vanilla Blossom, Lilac & Waterlily scents and Unscented.

●  Aluminum Free Whole Body Deodorant Invisible Cream: Ideal for use in intimate areas, it can easily and precisely be applied by hand. Made with skincare ingredients, the water-based cream absorbs quickly with no pilling. Available in Peach & Vanilla Blossom scent and Unscented.

●  Aluminum Free Whole Body Deodorant Spray: Allows for touchless application across the body. Made with 100% natural propellant so you experience the full array of light, fresh fragrance notes. Available in Peach & Vanilla Blossom and Lilac & Waterlily scents.

Want to get your hands on Secret’s innovative Whole Body Deodorant? Starting February 21, for a limited time only, Secret offers ThirdLove shoppers a free full-size deodorant with all purchases made on

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