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Marilyn Mosby

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Baltimore’s top prosecutor Marilyn Mosby was the subject of a hate-filled rant this week.

Her office, releasing the audio from a voice message left by a St. Louis woman.

“There’s only one thing worse than a fat ass, empowered black woman,” the caller said according to Fox 45. “That’s a fat ass, empowered black woman who’s got the public reins in her hands. How dare you come to St. Louis! You hate cops! You hate white people!”

The phone call, coming after Mosby visited St. Louis this week to stand in solidarity with another progressive black woman prosecutor, Kim Gardner. The St. Louis prosecutor has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging city leaders and the police union have conspired to drive her out of office because of her race.

“The vitriol, the personal and the professional attacks, particularly against black, female prosecutors is unprecedented,” she said to Gardner supporters. “The individuals making decisions about who’s going to be charged, what they’re going to be charged with, what sentence recommendations they’re going to make—9 percent of those prosecutors in this country are white; 79 percent are white men.”

Mosby’s office opted not to identify the caller.

Source: Fox 45

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