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Demonds Tremble | Faith Walking

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So I was a little girl and me and my mother and I believe another sister of mine was leaving the store and this man walked up to the car, we putting groceries in the car, taking him out of the basket and the man walked up to the car and he was like hey, I’m Jesus. My momma said oh, you are? He said I’m Jesus. You believe in me? My momma said, well, if you Jesus, you can take this the blood of Jesus and the man jumped and shattered, and then she said it again and he was like, don’t say that. Stop saying that. And she said, the blood of Jesus and the man ran away.  

That story is to let you know that demons tremble at the name of Jesus. It’s actually really. Through I’ve seen it happen many, many times in my life and I know a lot of times we don’t. We don’t. We don’t talk about demons and we don’t realize that they are active and around us and trying to stop you distract you. You know, a lot of times our version of demons is someone rolling in the floor. Satan is very smart, very calculated.  

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There are some very well dressed demons. There are some very well spoken demons. There are some people around you that don’t operate from a place of faith at all, but they know church people. They know how to speak christianese. Let me tell you, you better learn to plead the blood of Jesus. 

I have been in rooms of people and not and have to say it out loud. I just started praying in the spirit and pleading the blood and all of a sudden they just didn’t want to do business with me anymore. I said thank you Lord, thank you for showing me that that was a demon in disguise trying to get me caught up in something that I don’t need to be caught up in. Because every business deal is not a good business deal, even when they’re talking like, you know, cause a lot of time. 




When you’ve been called to do ministry outside of the church, when you’ve been called to work in other places, you have to question, OK, Lord, is this you? Are you calling me to this space to this area or is this a a trap of the enemy? Is this something that wouldn’t be pleasing to you? Is something that you don’t want me to do? And so that story from my mom always stays in my mind of her literally rebuking the enemy, and I seen my momma do that a million times in my life. Somebody came and knocked on our door. This man, he really was trying to break in, but he was trying to talk nice and my mom just starts pleading the blood and he just left no big fuss. He just did scurry off that porch, though he got up out of there because demons tremble at the name of Jesus.  

I want you to understand there’s power in the name of Jesus. I’ve been in doctor’s offices and doing it. I’ve been signing contracts and doing it. I always use the power of the Holy Spirit. I always plead the blood of Jesus against demonic activity and warfare. 

In my life over my children over my home, when I’m driving down the street when I’m walking into a grocery store, I do it all the time and I suggest you do it too, because Satan is busy. He ain’t playing games and I know we don’t talk about him very much. We blame people, but the scripture says we wrestle not against flesh and blood against totalities powers and the rulers of darkness of this age. Guess what? But we’ve got power over the enemy. Guys, we don’t fight people. We fight the enemy. You rebuke the enemy. That’s what you do. You have the power to do it. I declare it in Jesus. Name.