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The Blueprint For A Fantastic Future | Dr. Willie Jolley

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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “The Blueprint For A Fantastic Future”

I want to give you tips to come back? These are the times that try men soul. Yet these are the times that also try women soul, Children, souls, senior souls. And these are the type of times that your parents talked about and how they refuse to stop fighting for better. 

Not just for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren, they knew that the fight today would pay dividends for those who come tomorrow. So what we must do is keep fighting not just for us, but for generations yet unborn. It is said that the great ones plant trees in the 80’s that take 80 years to grow, they will never sit under those trees, but they grow it for those who will be in the future. So I want to encourage you to keep fighting, keep striving and keep planning for great things even in future that you won’t see.  

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