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The Coronavirus has caused a number of things to shut down, including schools. Once again NBA Star LeBron James has decided to step up and help his community.

All private and public schools in Ohio are shut down, but the I Promise School’s Family Resource Center will reportedly remain open, which will help students and families.

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Michele Campbell, the Executive Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation, told USA Today that James was passionate about the Family Resource Center staying open. According to Campbell, he said, “We need to make that happen. We need to do whatever we can to make that happen and make these services stay open.”

Campbell said, “Having the Family Resource Center open is just huge. I was very happy that our school system allowed us to do that. They understand the importance of that for our families. We built up this trust in having that available through the time. People are closing all over, and we’re doing the opposite.”

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Campbell also added that although the school was not prepared for a pandemic, “My hope is life turns back to normal. But we are prepared to serve and help them through that. Depending on what happens, we’ll face it head on.”

According to USA Today, the I Promise School “partnered with Smuckers and Akron Food Bank to prep and give care packages filled with food, toothpaste and toilet paper to its 1,443 enrolled students and their families. The center has remained open for any families that need shelter, clothing, medical care and mental health assistance. And the center has kept its hotline open.”

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