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After a whirlwind 72-hours that saw Trump affirming his diagnosis for the coronavirus, to his incredulous release from Walter Reed Medical Center, his based has yet to withdraw their support even as the future of America weighs in the balance.

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From his erratic Kanye-like hospital tweets to his inappropriate joyride to him ripping off his mask after returning back to the White House, nothing and we mean nothing, has made the difference. Those who plan to vote for four more years of his antics have only grown louder and reinvigorated, especially on social media.

Speaking from the Truman Balcony at the White House in a video shared on his official Twitter account Trump warned the American public against letting the coronavirus “dominate.” “Don’t let it take control of your lives,” he said.

“I stood out front, I led,” he continued, falsely suggesting he may be “immune” from the virus.

Instead of muting the presidents frivolous and unfounded claims around the coronavirus, even as he became one of the millions of people across the globe stricken with the infectious disease, his dog whistle’s salivate in the mouths of his base.

No later than a few hours after Trump’s staged balcony appearance, social media was filled Trump praise after an undoubted disaster.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper responded to Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, a Trump supporter who shared an edited video of Trump beating the coronavirus in WWE-like fashion.

“COVID stood NO chance against @realDonaldTrump!” she tweeted.

“He’s still infected, his doctors said he’s not out of the woods yet, defeating COVID has nothing to do with ‘toughness’ and to act as if it does is a huge insult to those suffering from it or who have died from it,” Tapper responded.

One of the scariest hot takes was one tweeted by conservative agitator Ben Shapiro. “You think 2020 has seen its biggest twist? Wait until Trump develops the anti-covid serum using his own antibodies like Will Smith in “I Am Legend,” and then wins 50 states.

Many pointed out to Shapiro that in his new world rendering, the movie saw the (spoiler alert) death of Smith’s character Robert Neville, a doctor who survived a zombie-like apocalypse.

But Trump will need more than an invigorated base to win the 2020 presidential election against former Vice President Joe Biden. A new CNN poll among likely voters shows 57 percent back Biden while 41 percent support Trump. The poll was conducted after the first presidential debate leading up to Trump’s diagnosis. However, numbers and polls have proven to be unsteady, especially after the 2016 election where polls showed Hillary Clinton maintained a consistent lead over Trump.

After returning from the hospital, Trump’s first order of business was to announce he plans to kill movement on a new coronavirus relief package, boasting that he will not take it back up until after he wins the election, NBC News reports. He claims his focus is aimed at confirming Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to the bench.




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