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In June 1988 the Eddie Murphy film “Coming To America” hit theaters and took the world by storm. It became the third-highest-grossing film at the US box office bring in over $128 Million dollars. The film is still popular to this day and a sequel is in the works.

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But did you know there was a Coming To America Television show?

Eddie Murphy & CBS produced a pilot for a TV version starring “In Living Color” actor Tommy Davidson as Prince Tariq, the now King Akeem‘s little brother (even though they never say his name) and Paul Bates reprising his role as Oha. House Party & Baby Boy actress A.J. Johnson also appears in the show as a waitress. The TV takes a different spin on the movie as Tariq is exiled to the United States after an incident in Zamunda and Oha is there to watch over here. After 9 days they blow all of their money and have to work.

Donald Trump even gets a mention in the show.

The pilot went unsold, but was televised on July 4, 1989 as part of the CBS Summer Playhouse pilot anthology series. You can watch the show below.


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