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Who better to create an activewear collection than Halle Berry?!  When it comes to staying fit for a lifetime and looking drop dead gorgeous while doing it, Halle Berry is queen. Aging, fat rolls, and cellulite seem to be non-existent in this mogul’s world; therefore, whatever Halle is selling – I am buying!

Halle Berry has taken her talents to the fashion realm by teaming up with Sweaty Betty to present the world with her first-ever clothing collaboration.  The Oscar-winning actress has launched a 22-piece limited-edition collection, dubbed the rē•spin Edit, that features both activewear and lifestyle pieces.  A year ago, Halle established her very own wellness brand, rē•spin, which aligns with Sweaty Betty’s mission to empower women through health.  Hence, it was only right the two brands linked up to bring ladies some stylish activewear to go with their fitness journeys.

rē•spin Edit

Source: rē•spin Edit / rē•spin Edit

rē•spin Edit

Source: rē•spin Edit / rē•spin Edit

The rē•spin Edit collection contains garments that were inspired by boxing and Japanese jiu-jitsu.  The minimal designs feature a sleek swagger which allows the pieces to be easily transferred into everyday wear.  Each garb in the collection was cleverly named after one of Halle Berry’s classic acting roles.  Items like the Storm Power Shine High-Waisted Workout Leggings, named after her powerful role in X-men, and the Leticia Training Shorts, named after her Oscar-winning role in Monster’s Ball, all have elements of Halle’s tenacity and spunk woven into the design.

The items in the rē•spin Edit and Sweat Betty collection were created with comfort in mind.  Many of the looks feature ultra-lightweight material, sweat-wicking fabric, and drawstrings for convenience.  Prices range from $68-$298.

Get your Halle Berry x Sweaty Beauty look here!


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