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The 1998 NBA Finals was memorable for many reasons, most of which can be seen in last year’s stellar ESPN Films documentary The Last Dance. However, one moment that stands out prominently involves a now-infamous trip to Vegas taken by wild child Bulls star Dennis Rodman.

It’s now looking like what happened in Vegas will no longer stay there following reports that Rodman is working to recreate his viral vaycay into a feature film.

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As Deadline reports, the upcoming Lionsgate film, 48 Hours In Vegas, will detail what exactly happened during the two-day period where coach Phil Jackson permitted Rodman to go on a “break” as the Bulls were still competing in the Finals against Utah Jazz. As explained in The Last Dance, The Worm didn’t exactly come back in the time he was supposed to, leading to Jackson and Michael Jordan himself making a trek to Sin City to retrieve their star power forward and his travel companion assistant.

Take a look at how Deadline sums up the plot of 48 Hour In Vegas below:

“Everybody had heard the rumors of this crazy story when it first happened in the ’90s, but it was recently given the spotlight again following the success of the Michael Jordan-Chicago Bulls doc The Last Dance, which premiered to massive numbers last May. The incident was given the full treatment in the doc, with everyone from Jordan to coach Phil Jackson to supermodel Carmen Electra talking about what went down as Rodman took the trip all while the Bulls were trying to complete its second three-peat championship run.

[Jordan] VanDina penned the script during the pandemic and, once it hit the market, Lionsgate was instantly in love with this idea and all the crazy characters involved in the story, pushing hard to land the rights.

‘Dennis refused to follow the herd,’ said [Phil] Lord and [Chris] Miller. ‘That is what made him a target and it’s also what made him a star. His weekend in Las Vegas is full of fun and high jinks but it is also full of important questions about the way public figures, and workers are treated, especially when their individuality is expressed so vividly.’”



Rodman will work with Ari Lubet and Will Allegra as EPs on 48 Hours In Vegas, which will be produced by filmmaking duo Lord Miller alongside Aditya Sood. No word yet on when we’ll see this epic tale hit theaters, who will be depicted in the film or which lucky actor will embody the eclectic sports icon, but stay tuned!


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