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We live in a time now where everyone and everything has a Facebook page.

This week over 21 Catholic pages with some having millions of followers were blocked.

According to Christian Post some of these pages are based in Brazil and Facebook didn’t give them a reason why they were blocked.

“Catholic and Proud” has 6 million followers and was blocked so Fox News contributor Todd Stames investigated the problem.

Stames said, “You might recall that Facebook has a dark history of blocking Conservative and Christian pages. “Let’s hope people of faith stand alongside the Catholics as they try to persuade Mark Zuckerberg to reinstate their pages — because one day — Facebook might shut down the Baptist pages or the Lutheran pages.”

Even Pastor Rich Penkoski who manages “Warriors for Christ” was blocked after talking about Facebook’s LGBT rainbow emoji.

He said, “I was preaching about how the pride rainbow could be the mark of the beast and how Mark Zuckerberg wanted to have Facebook replace the church.”

We will keep you posted on any updates.

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