After months of anticipation, is officially live! Erica Campbell has curated a digital community dedicated to intentionally curating timelines of love and positivity. This community will include not only include music to inspire an uplifting lifestyle, but will also include motivation and ministry from the Get Up Church’s first lady…and the best part? You […]


Activist Shaun King has spoken out after Instagram banned his account "fighting for Palestine" on Christmas Day. The post Shaun King Says Instagram Banned His Account Because He Was ‘Fighting For Palestine’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Facebook has banned Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from its platform along with right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and others, labeling them as “dangerous” and said they will be purged from its platforms, including Instagram. Jones and his InfoWars media outlet had previous been banned from Facebook in August 2018 but will now be banned on Instagram as […]

Summer Grant says that a pastor at Chapel Hill Christian School in Akron, Ohio, expelled her children because they have different fathers.

According to Christian Post, Jones said, "God wants to do something new with social technology that we’ve never comprehended before."


Peggy Alford is the first Black woman to be nominated to join Facebook’s board of directors.

Almost 50 million Facebook users were affected by a network breach, the company says.

GRIFF said a prayer for his friends Jerome and Tisha who got married this weekend.

The Tonga Sisters are known for their beautiful voices and harmony.


We live in a time now where everyone and everything has a Facebook page.

Sarah Jakes Roberts talks about her new book, "Dont Settle For Safe."