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Dove, Brooklyn Sky Collection, Maude, Olay, Bella Rose Passion

Source: Dove, Brooklyn Sky Collection, Maude, Olay, Bella Rose Passion / Dove, Brooklyn Sky Collection, Maude, Olay, Bella Rose Passion

I recently saw a meme about the different types of showers women take. If you’re like me — a work from home mom with limited work life balance — you proudly qualify your showers as self-care. I use my showers to pray, burn a candle, listen to music, exfoliate and obviously scrub the stress from the day away with soaps, body scrubs, skin conditioners (that I didn’t know existed) with an array of body scrubbers.

There are plenty of benefits to showers. According to, a hot-to-cold shower can boost your immune system, make your hair and skin glow and help with depression. Add on your favorite water-friendly products and your shower will go from simply cleansing to a self-care ritual.

Try out these products to enhance your next shower experience!

Brooklyn Sky Collection Lemongrass Foaming Whipped Scrub – $29

With a lemony sweet scent and rich formula, Brooklyn Sky Collection’s Lemongrass Foaming Whipped Scrub and Creamy Body Butter are a glorious combination during and after your shower. When it comes to body scrubs, I like my scrubs chunky and aromatic, and this foaming whipped scrub has both.

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Olay Night Time Rinse-Off Body Conditioner – $5.99

You’ve heard of conditioner for your hair, but Olay makes a conditioner for your body that smells delightful and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. This body conditioner contains retinol and Olay’s signature Vitamin B3 Complex for vibrant, hydrated skin overnight. It’s affordable, but brings a luxurious aspect to your shower. And it smells great! Pair this with their Cleansing and Renewing Nighttime Body Wash for the ultimate cleansing experience.

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oil no. 0 body and bath oil – $35

oil no. 0 body and bath oil by Maude is a nourishing oil that hugs your skin and leaves it  glistening. With sleek packaging — a unique glass bottle that exudes luxury — this oil goes on easy and leaves you smooth with no very light scent. Ingredients include organic blend of jojoba, coconut, argan, and castor oil.

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Bella Rose Passion Unicorn Whipped Shea Butter- $24.99

This luscious body butter will bring the color and fun to your beauty cabinet with its unicorn inspired design and skin glitter. This whipped cream bares a sweet scent and

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Dove Beauty Body Love Intense Care Body Lotion – $6.49

After your shower, it’s important to moisturize your skin (especially if you love your shower water as hot as me!). Dove’s cream oil lotion smells delightful and feels even better on your skin, providing long-lasting hydration.

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