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Alister McGrath - Professor of Historical Theology

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The latest episode of “Under The Skin” podcast featured a talk with former atheist Alister McGrath and Russell Brand.

According to the Gospel Herald the men during the podcast spoke about the war between science and religion and what role faith plays in the 21st century.

Brand during the conversation asked McGrath why he converted to Christianity.

McGrath responded by saying, “Christianity has this idea that God enters into history, enters into our world, and if that’s right (of course we have to discuss that), it’s a game-changer because it means God came into this world and that actually makes him accessible.”

When the men began to discuss the divide of science and religion McGrath mentioned that with religion, “Human beings, we don’t want to just know how things work but what they mean.”

Brand expressed that he wants to learn more about religion, but also questioned about different examples of Christian theology.

McGrath replied and said, “Christianity, like every human institution, has messed up, but sometimes it does good stuff. But the truth is deeper than this…there’s something about us, everything we touch as humans has the capacity to go very, very badly wrong and that’s the real concern – if we are so great, why is the world such a mess?”

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