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Freshman year has begun for most college students and parents are expecting to hear from their kids while away.

Entrepreneur and mother of three girls, Nicole Walters along with her husband dropped their eldest daughter off to a local college.

They text their daughter and never received a response or a phone call back so they decided to take a trip to visit her.

In a Facebook Live video Walters filmed herself as well as her husband walking around campus and telling the story of what happens after your child doesn’t answer your calls.


The hilarious post has received over 4.5 million views and over 42,000 shares.

She said in the footage, “She thought she could dip off and go ghost for three days. No you won’t. What you’re not fittin’ to do, while I pay tuition, is disappear for three days.”

Apparently her daughter was hanging out with friends, but Walters mentions that you didn’t come to college to socialize.

Walters brought fruit and we are sure a long conversation to her daughters dorm.

She also said she printed out a flyer with her daughters picture and asked students that if they see her daughter acting out in a way to contact her.

Students that do that will not only receive a pizza, but a Starbucks gift card as a bonus.

While some responded to the video believing the mom did a great thing, others didn’t love the idea.

This mother means business and we wish her daughter the best of luck while in college.

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