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US VP Pence and US Senator Rubio in Florida

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Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida has never been shy to share his love for God. Two months ago according to Christian Post the Freedom From Religion Foundation wanted him to stop sharing verses on Twitter. Rubio though refuses to stop and had some words for people that don’t like it.

He said, “I’ll continue to do it … if they don’t like it they don’t have to follow me. Faith is the single biggest influence on my life, and it’s a positive influence.” The Freedom From Religion Foundation is an atheist organization and believes that he is in violation of the U.S. Constitution. They want him to stop tweeting and the FFRF Constitutional Attorney Andrew L. Seidel said, “It appears that you began tweeting the Bible in mid-May and have been doing so regularly ever since. This is not an errant Bible verse or two, but more than 60 bible verses in three months. That’s enough verses to tweet the entire Book of Jude. Twice.”

Rubio is a trained lawyer and doesn’t find anything wrong with what he is doing. An op-ed posted by Politico stated that he only tweets the “Republican parts of the Bible.” At one point Rubio joked and said, “Proverbs is the Republican part of the bible? I don’t think Solomon had yet joined the GOP when he wrote the first 29 chapters of Proverbs.”

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