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May is Mental Health Awareness Month and on today’s show (May 10th) Dr. Sabrina Jackson stopped by the Get Up Church to help us maintain our mentals. Dr. Jackson is a licensed psychologist, author, and life coach. She’s also a licensed and ordained evangelist so she knows how to help. Listen as she gives us six steps to maintain our mental health and well-being.

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Erica Campbell: We are so glad to have you with us this morning, we want to jump right in you have six tips to maintaining mental wellness. Let’s go for it.

Dr. Sabrina Jackson: Yes, it is so important to maintain our mental wellness but first we need to understand what it is. Mental wellness is an umbrella. So mental health is an umbrella. We say mental health is the umbrella under the umbrella is a continuum between mental health all the way to mental illness. And on any given day, we fall somewhere along that continuum. So today I want to talk about things that keep us closer to mental wellness. So the first is that we must “stay positive.” We have to be optimistic, we have to understand that there is hope. We have to understand that I don’t care what it looks like sounds like or feels like God got us and said we need to “support others.”


We need to stop being so selfish. Oh my goodness. It’s not just about us. It’s what we do for our fellow man, the humanity that we have for others, and when we volunteer and help and support others, it helps us to feel better about ourselves. And then oh my goodness, we need to “sleep and rest” and understand that sleeping and resting are really two different things.

Sleeping you absolutely need for the body. But rest. Put your feet up, get the feet massage, and do something to just whoosh for a moment. And then we need to “socialize with others.” Yeah, we need others. We need to understand that we were created to be interdependent and not independent. Oh, no, no, we need people, we absolutely need to act like it, Okay! We must “set the body in motion.” You better move something you better praise like David praised you better move. You even need to hustle. You need to jump up and down. You need to do jumping jacks, but you need to move the body. Because when you do, it helps to keep your mental together.

And then lastly, and this is so important: “Seek help.” Seek help. before, during, and after a crisis. You don’t have to do this thing alone when you see it come and ask for help. And oftentimes the very people that are always giving help are the last people to ask and seek help. Somehow, you know, you’re powerful, you’re independent, you all of that. But we absolutely need to ask for help. And sometimes it can be professional, but sometimes it may just need to be your neighbor. Like for me. I just had knee surgery. So I have my neighbor that comes and takes my garbage child and does my grass and things of that nature. And thank you absolutely need some help.

Erica: Absolutely. I love it. Thank you so much. Dr. Sabrina! May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are talking to the people expert, Dr. Sabrina Jackson, follow her on social media on Instagram at @SabrinaSpeaks. And on Facebook at Dr. Sabrina Jackson. What message would you leave with people who are trying to do it by themselves and who don’t realize this is the work they need to do to better help someone today?

Oh my goodness, it’s so important to know that God created each of us individually, and we have individual differences. But when He created us, He didn’t create us just by ourselves. We absolutely need each other you are not by yourself. I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care what it sounds like. I don’t even care what it feels like. God has people around you that can assist you that can help uplift you motivate you to inspire you to encourage you but you got to open your mouth. It is the open mouth that gets fed.