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Travis Greene stopped by the Get Up! Chruch with his new single “Dependable” featuring Darrel Walls and Chandler Moore from Maverick City Music. You can listen to the single below:


Greene also spoke to Erica and GRIFF about his experience speaking at his alma mater, Georgia Southern University. Greene says he went from “throwing parties there to preaching on campus” and met his wife Dr. Jackie on the “real” GSU campus so returning to speak was a “full circle” moment. Do we also get some exclusive details on a potential tour?


Listen to the interview below:





Erica Campbell: Love you, man. We love you, man. Listen, it’s graduation season and you recently spoke at your alma mater, Georgia Southern University. And you say you went from throwing parties there to preaching on campus. Tell us about that.

Travis Greene: Man, a boy. Man, listen, man. Yo, yo, you don’t know about that you know about a man I love, I love that school. I love my time there for years. Yeah, Erica, I would you know, I was the guy with the frat guy going to parties and doing all that stuff. And then God radically changed my life and gave me a testimony. And I went from that guy to clearly preaching on campus and that’s how I met my wife, literally kind of in the thick of that over 15 years ago, and then to be invited back to be a keynote speaker at graduation. It was a surreal moment. It was one of those moments where you pinch yourself like man, it’s full circle. And it was just incredible man so much love for that campus. The real GSU Georgia Southern University, not Georgia State. You know, that’s that’s the fake GSU Georgia Southern University.

EC: There you go listen, Chris is going to college. I hope she finds somebody preaching on campus. That’s what I’m hoping I’m preaching on campus. When my baby leaves in the fall. Listen, so do you have plans to tour this year?

TG: You know what, Erica? You are prophetic, this October. I’m going out and I will I will be announcing the roster very very soon. One of the people who I’m going out with his name rhymes with Tye Tribbett

EC: Wow that is awesome. Well listen if y’all need to open there I’m available if you need to opener, hey I’m down.

TG: That’d be the first show where everybody actually came for the opening. And then when I come on stage they like “all right.”

EC: Not at all. Not at all. Talking to the Grammy-nominated Travis Greene his new song “Dependable” is available now on all digital outlets matter of fact do a refresh and just get everything from Travis Greene just go just download everything stream everything support this man of God. Please tell Dr. Jackie your lovely wife I said hello.

TG: Oh well you know loving, loving positive loving the director Erica you never cease to amaze me. You continue to recreate yourself. I don’t know how to do it. But you stay fresh. You keep giving us great things the video is out of the world by the way, taking this to another level as you all would do love so much. GRIFF, Uncle GRIFF I love you big boy.

EC: Before we wrap someone needs a word this morning. I need you as Pastor to encourage someone bless the people this morning.

TG: No doubt Listen, man, it’s a lot happening. With the shooting that just happened in Texas. The shooting happened in Buffalo. So many people are in there. Now just want to let you know we serve a God who would never caught off guard. He knows everything that happened before it happened. He has a plan before we have a problem. He has a strategy before we have a struggle. He has a solution before we have a situation and so my prayer today that you would just continue to open up your heart. Have faith allow your faith to be increased as you’re listening to these songs and listening to the voice of Eric a grift today allow the Lord to minister to yard and remind you that he dependable he’s with you is for you. Is in you and you’re going to make it.