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Parents kissing daughter while sitting against Christmas tree at home

Source: Astrakan Images / Getty

So many kids make Christmas wish list and for one little boy his wish came early. According to The Daily Mail, a children’s party with balloon animals and so much more filled the room. The guests that were invited were their to find a child to adopt.

Ten children were at the party, playing having fun and hoping to be adopted by one of the families attending the party. A news network did a series on Finding Me A Family and met a family that wanted to adopt. When they met 6-year-old Lewis they knew he was supposed to be their child.

Viewers tweeted about watching the family get so excited and interact with him. One person said, “Super happy for Lewis who found a new mummy and daddy.” Lewis now lives with his new family and couldn’t be happier about this. We are so happy this family is now together and hope more families can experience the same job.

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