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Travis Greene is an amazing gospel singer that has landed on the top of the Billboard charts. His hit songs “Intentional” and “Made A Way” are stellar songs that fans can’t get enough of. According to Black Doctor, Kirk Franklin calls him “the future of gospel music.”

Recently, Greene’s mother shared a story about almost losing her son not only at birth, but at the young age of four. Greene said, “When I was born – on the spot, my mother said that I wasn’t breathing. My skin color was purple, and doctors immediately said that I was stillborn. My mother and father just started praying and believing God, and He performed a miracle.” At four while the family was living in Germany he fell four floors out of the window.

Greene recalls that day where God saved his life. He said, “I said mom I remember falling, but I never hit the ground. Right before I hit the ground, a man with a big hand caught me but I couldn’t see his face. I heard a voice and he said do you want to go with your mama. He said I should come to him and I looked at him and said I want my mom. He said okay, this time you are going but next time, you will come with me and I looked up… I asked what his name was. He didn’t say his name was Mohammed… He looked back said, ‘Son, my name is Jesus.” We are so thankful that Travis Greene is alive today to bless us with amazing music.

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