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Clyde Anderson is back for another edition of Money Mondays. Today Anderson, a financial expert, entrepreneur, and author talks about the top three habits that are preventing you from creating wealth. Is something holding you back from working on your financial situation?  What steps can you take to remove doubt, and fear and stop procrastination in order to gain financial freedom? Anderson helps below.







ERICA: Let’s jump right in. Many people are waiting for the right time to start building wealth. But when is the right time?

CLYDE: It’s now, it’s now. You know, one of the problems people have is they procrastinate. Procrastination will stop you and stop your plan and stop you from having any sort of financial success. So this is when you have to do it now. And they say the devil is in the details so that’s where we need to be. We need to make sure that we’re right there creating the plan and following it.

ERICA: Listen, some people have information that they need but they have a habit of just planning and thinking about what the grind but never actually putting it into action. Let’s talk about it.

CLYDE: You know what that is? That’s fear and fear makes us powerless and takes the action from us and ultimately undermines any future success we might have. But there’s false evidence appearing real so we got to be able to overcome it. You know, we can’t fall victim to it. So stop running from the mail. Answer the phone. Don’t be scared to face it. Face it. No battle is one until we face it. You know if God didn’t give us a spirit of fear, so we got to make sure that we’re overcoming that and facing it in our time.

GRIFF: Dude is my dude right here, man, thank you. Every Monday let’s talk about the importance of being disciplined. We talk about it in and fitness and other things. And why is it important in our financial lives? Or why should it be?

CLYDE: Man it’s really one of the keys. To a successful person, we buy this accumulated anything, they gotta be disciplined. You’ve got to sacrifice, You know, people around here saying YOLO, you only live once, but still want to live that one life broke. That’s the key. You don’t want to live that one life broke. That’s no fun for anybody. So we got to make sure when we have discipline in our lives, we can make those small sacrifices and make sure that our future is going to be better than our present. And that’s what we have to keep our eye on. And we have to make sure that that’s what we’re doing. And so if we can do that, and we can keep that discipline, we can overcome anything and we can stick to a planned budget, as I call it financial success plan to make sure that we can overcome.

ERICA: How can people follow you on social media?

CLYDE: They can hit me up at @Clydeonpurpose. You can go to my website at change on purpose dot online sign up, you know hit me up send me a message I’d love to consult with you. We do free consultations and we want to know what we can do to help.

ERICA: That’s really, really great. What message would you leave with us today at the Get Up Church?

CLYDE: I want everybody to remember that make sure that God is in your finances This is Kingdom business and when I called Kingdom businesses is an overthrew in every aspect of your life, that’s what God is. So we got to make sure that he’s in our finances. And don’t forget it.