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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “Pivot Don’t Panic.”







I’ve been sharing strategies keeping you up moving and winning in the midst of the challenging times. I recently shared a strategy from my book “Turn Setbacks Into Greenbacks” about how to get through this challenging time and win. One of the points I shared recently was that you should not panic. Panic is taken from the Greek word to choke, which means that you cut off aid to your brain and therefore you cannot think clearly. And when you cannot think clearly you cannot make wise decisions and you end up making poor decisions.

After that, I recommend you should pivot. To pivot me to move in a new direction, a different direction and grow yourself and your possibilities. I recommend you go from difficult times where you choose not to panic and pivot and grow yourself. Grow your thinking, grow your finances and grow your future and you will win more. You can when you turn your setbacks into comebacks like not panicking, but pivoting.


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