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Dr. Willie Jolley’s principle to win BIG today is “How Gratitude Can Save Your Life


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I recently had the honor to give the eulogy for my friend captain Jerry Coffee. Jerry Coffee was a Vietnam veteran, but he was a POW. He spent seven years at the Hanoi Hilton in captivity. One of the things he talked about in his book was that his gratitude saved his life. He said the enemy could take his freedom, but they could not take his gratitude. He said that he had that choice and that it was his choice all by himself.

He said he was taken away from his wife and his children for seven years, but he decided that they could not take away his gratitude for being alive and for being able to continue to be grateful to God for every day. Wow. A powerful lesson that you can use when you feel like life is holding you captive. Be grateful and thank God for every day and be willing to say like my friend, Pastor John Jenkins says I am still here.




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