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Starbucks is still trying to do damage control after a manager had two Black men arrested because they were waiting  for a man, identified as Andrew Yaffe, to discuss a business deal. Yaffee arrived as the officers put the men in handcuffs for so-called trespassing. They were in jail for eight hours. Starbucks is repeatedly apologizing and planning a day of employee training to avoid a situation like this in the future. If you missed it, the viral video is below.

Now, the manager who caused this media firestorm has briefly spoken out. According to The Daily Mail, her name is Holly Hylton, 31, and she has been a manager at the Center City Philadelphia Starbucks for a year. The site reports she worked at Chipotle from 2006 to 2010 and Smashburger from 2010 from 2014.

Below is her alleged picture. managed to land a brief interview with Hylton, which doesn’t sound like it went over well. The writer,  Christopher “Flood the Drummer®” Norris, reported, “Holly – who wouldn’t give me her last name nor share a business card for fear that it would spark online stalking, either by me or whomever I passed her information along to.” He continued, “According to Holly – who grew visibly flustered during my unrelenting questioning – a corporate policy germane exclusively to Center City Philadelphia locations prohibits excessive loitering. And if that policy is violated, then management has the discretion to ensure it’s enforced, even if it means calling the police. Holly told me that she doesn’t inform the customers that she’ll be calling the police. I retorted: ‘Everyone deserves a warning.’ … Holly refused to answer whether it was normal for Baristas or management to call police when the loitering policy is violated by customers.” Reportedly “a coherent response wasn’t given” and she walked away when another journalist arrived.

Holly’s foolishness doesn’t stop there. A former employee who worked for Starbucks when she arrived claims Holly “lowered my pay & tranferred me to another location-I had NO write up, NO warnings for anything, customers loved me & NO disciplinary actions & when I requested to speak with the district manager Paul Sykes, he even ignored me -this is how they do business #Starbucks at 18th & Spruce Street #RittenhouseSquare location #racism.” See below:

In addition, there are alleged posts from her Facebook page, which mocks Spanish-speaking customers.

Sounds like Holly’s past has come back to haunt her. She was allegedly transferred from the Center City Starbucks and works at another location. It is very suspect that Starbucks is still employing this woman.

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